JC Training & Development Areas of Focus

Personal Development
Attitude - The difference between success and failure lies within the attitude in which plans, actions and words are executed with!
Authenticity - It’s been said that, “many are born an original but end up dying a copy.” The greatest levels of success are achieved when the one achieving it is true to themselves. You make a great “You” and a lousy “Me” so be great at You!
Behavior - Behavior is simply the way you act. The greatest way to change behavior is to influence beliefs. Another way is through the culture one is a part of.
Confidence - Confidence is a very important piece to achieving great results. Confidence grows through the acquisition of knowledge and the successful execution of routines. Confidence or the lack there of is a major player in everything you do. 
Communication - The ability to communicate effectively can turn a bad situation good and a good situation great! When communication is poor it deteriorates the quality of the experience. 
Care - The level in which you care about yourself translates into the level of care you treat others and your responsibilities.
Energy - As Paul Cummings would say, “Life has volume!” What level are you allowing that volume to reach. Make everything you do a Level 10 Experience! 
Faith - Faith and Hope work hand in hand. Your belief system is the accumulation of facts and information that you accept as truth and embrace into your life. The more you feed it the stronger it gets. The power of belief will propel you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.
Hope - Hope is the fuel that powers the engine of belief! Hope is an expectation. It’s what you look forward to and expect to receive. When hope is alive your belief now has the ability to manifest into reality.

Motivation - A strong influence and force that causes someone to do something. As Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily!”
Preparation - Preparation time is never lost time! It many times determines the condition of the end results you experience! Prepare, prepare, prepare!  
Purpose - This is your why. The reason for which something exists. The meaning behind the actions. Discover your purpose and allow it to thrive! 
Professional Development 
Defining Roles - Understanding the role you hold. The proper function you are to perform daily. Sales Consultant/ Sales BDC Coordinator/ Service BDC Coordinator 
Responsibilities & Duties - Many times the responsibilities are established and additional duties come up and if not reminded of the main responsibilities and duties many other things can derail and distract daily routines.
Establish Best Practices & Goals - Your goals and best practices will allow your team measure their daily performances and actions.
Daily Lead Analysis - Look through the leads from the prior day and make sure they were handled properly, responded too and answered in the correct way. 
Daily Meetings - To stay in the know of appointments, shows, no shows, solds, confirmation calls, T.O’s, and phone handling. 
Automotive Sales BDC - Whether creating a Sales BDC from scratch or coming alongside a current Sales BDC already in place, we will solidify and create a solid infrastructure aligning the proper pillars necessary to bolster your business and drive bottomline results.
Automotive Service BDC - Whether creating a Service BDC from scratch or coming alongside a current Service BDC already in place, we will utilize what we call the E3 Formula which is Evaluation + Education = Elevation. We will make certain that your department is staffed properly, with the right processes in place to maximize business opportunities for your fixed operations.  
Social Media & Digital Marketing - No matter what business and industry you are in, your presence on Social Media and in the virtual world of websites, landing pages, search engines and digital communication must be on point to maximize results and keep TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) of your brand, services, products and solutions.