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Welcome to JC Training & Development! With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and a passion for empowering people, I bring unique value to all my clients. I specialize in delivering customized training plans to automotive dealerships looking to thrive in a competitive market. Additionally, I'm an experienced speaker and consultant, working with churches and leadership teams, encouraging and empowering people to pursue their purpose. My mission is to help individuals and businesses unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and live a fulfilling life.

About Joe Cala

Joe Cala is a trusted name in automotive training and consulting, with a passion for positivity and sales strategies. With over 25 years of experience, Joe has helped countless individuals and businesses achieve their goals through customized solutions and a positive outlook. As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph approaches his work with a sense of purpose and dedication to helping others. Contact Joe Cala to see how he can help you achieve your full potential.

Joe has been critical in the building of multiple successfull automotive training platforms that to this day still reach thousands of automotive sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada! 

Joe has covered roles from showroom sales, internet sales (creadle to grave), Director of Sales & Service BDC's for multi roof tops selling over 1,000 units monthly, corporate exectutive sales facilitator, NADA conference speaker, Digital Dealer conference speaker, multiple high level seminars, new and used franchise management and VP & General Manager of award winning training companies.

Joe will provide a plan to Evaluate, Educate and Elevate your life through the application of the proven leadership principles from the world's top influencers.
Joe’s motivational and enthusiastic style will cultivate & empower your team to be the most effective in all areas of life, business & sales. 





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